CCSI Software and Hardware Services

      So, its time to refresh all your servers - small, medium and large.
You need a new computer network. Maybe you've outgrown your current systems or maybe it's
just not working the way it used to. Either way, when it's time for a better, faster systems,
we'll make it happen for you in three simple steps:

Step One: System Design

Your Lead IT Officer creates a system plan for you that meets your
goals and budget. It's perfect for your current needs, but it's also expandable to accommodate
your future growth. CCSI have partnered with a lot of hardware and software vendors, such as
IBM, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Cisco, Microsoft and others.
CCSI willuse this industry-leading equipment when we build your system.

Step Two: System / Network Installation

After testing and configuring all of the equipment in our labs, we'll bring it to your office
for installation. This way, there are no surprises or complications at the job site, so we can
get everything set up quickly, with as little disruption as possible.

Step Three: System / Network Maintenance

We'll keep things running smoothly with ongoing system and network maintenance, plus support
whenever you need it from Industy-certified field technicians - remote or onsite.
We've done design and installation for almost every industry out there, including financial,
medical, legal, real estate, manufacturing, food service, retail, and many more. We'll bring the
same smart, quality design to yours, too.

CCSI offers a wide range of software consulting services focusing on custom software development,
mentoring, software architecture, and project management. This includes various platforms, such
as Windows,Linux, Web, Mobile Devices (including iOS and Android), Services, Databases which
includes Physical and Logical design, and more.

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